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Our shipping season begins in late July or early August and runs through September.  We recommend that our retail clients run ads or plan roasting events in Mid-August through Labor Day. This is the peak of the harvest when the product generally has the best flavor and shelf-life.

Mesilla Valley Produce has found that roasting events really pull customers in and motivate them to buy the product.


With the aroma of the peppers roasting, and product sampling people really gravitate toward the peppers. Depending on the retailers, Mesilla Valley Produce can help retailers with marketing ideas and employee training.


We can Assist with the procurement of roasters and roasting materials.

New Mexico peppers are an excellent source of Vitamin A, C and also a good source of lutein.  In fact one medium green pepper is thought to have as much vitamin C as 6 medium oranges.

Through out New Mexico and the Southwest the peppers are referred to as Green Chile with “E” instead of an “I”.

These peppers can be found everywhere in the southwest.  Used on everything from traditional New Mexican dishes, to toppings on hamburgers, pizza’s and steaks.  These flavorful peppers can be used to add some spice to whatever your imagination and creativity desire.

Peppers are often called  “Hatch Peppers”.  “Hatch” is not a variety, but a small town in Southern, New Mexico know for pepper production. There are many different varieties that range from very mild, to very spicy.  At Mesilla Valley Produce we market both hot and mild.  

New Mexico Peppers are a cousin to the Anaheim varieties that are often shipped from California, but New Mexico peppers tend to have more meat, and better flavor.

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